The Temple: A Reptilian Alien Movie Trilogy

Book 1: Descent to Inner Earth

If you are into Reptilian Alien conspiracies, this movie script will have you frantically turning pages and creating an entire saga in your head. This book has already caused a massive social media explosion on Twitter and Facebook, because of the controversial ideologies it presents. 

Vladimir Putin as the Great White Crane in The Temple Reptilian

The scandal has been such that it has pissed off world leaders, scientists, politicians, educators, you name it, this book takes Internet legends about reptilian humanoid races inhabiting Inner Earth and turns them into a Sci Fi saga of Star Wars proportions.

The Deep-State-sponsored DARPA experiments with supersoldiers is a hush-hush program that may or may not involve a secret alliance between reptilian humanoids, the United States, Russia and Germany. It is an inhumane program of mind control designed to break the spirit of the individual in order to turn him/her into an assassin, psychic spy or, worst of all, a terrorist.

This is the personal journey from tragedy to triumph of an ordinary girl who is trafficked from Latin America in order to be trained as an MK Ultra super terrorist in the United States. Can she escape the cruel destiny imposed on her by this classified government project that disregards the dignity of her human life and her freedom?

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