The Temple Reptilian: A New Book about Alien Abductions

The Temple Reptilian: Helping Humans Survive the UFO Armageddon

The Temple Reptilian - A Movie Trilogy by Glorianna Arias

Government Conspiracy: The Temple Reptilian

Welcome to the Official Site of The Temple Reptilian, a new movie trilogy currently being published in script form as a book series. 

This project has been a long time coming.

The story behind The Temple is Star Wars meets the X Files meets Jay and Silent Bob. Not to be sarcastic or anything, but we hope you appreciate the snarky humor in it.

One thing is for certain, we ain't trying to be Alex Jones here. We do not take ourselves too seriously to the point where the veins are popping out of our foreheads.

No offense, InfoWars, but if you want to come at us, give it a shot. We ain't scared of your guns, man.
And now on to bigger and better things.

For author Glorianna Arias, this adventure started out as her Master’s thesis in film school, and since then, it has become a saga with close to as many characters and subplots as Game of Thrones.

It is a saga that will fascinate Sci Fi/Fantasy readers around the world. Super fans are very well treated in our Universe, by the way. No snubs here. Fanfiction and fanart are strongly encouraged.  Matter of fact, we will feature our favorites right here on our website. 

There is an open market as of yet untapped among fandom. Just watch, the laws are going to change. We are in the face of a new paradigm shift. 

Artists will be able to express themselves and work cooperatively with each other, creating a new economy. If E.L. James did, so can the rest of the fans, who VASTLY outnumber the "white slavers" (to quote my role model, George Lucas). His words, not mine.

R.I.P. Han Solo, BTW.

Can’t wait to see what the haters have to say about this one. *Wink*

Anyhow ...., as I originally conceived it, the purpose of releasing The Temple movie script as a book series is to raise the necessary funds to produce the movie as it was conceived by the author: A Pixar-style animation adventure in 3D. Concept art gallery soon to come.

Please come back every day for updates or follow us on Facebook @TheTempleReptilian. To get your own signed copy of The Temple on paperback, please contact us via our eBay profile for more info.

We also ask that you help us out by subscribing to our YouTube channel and join us in this exciting journey of producing a movie from concept to fruition.

If you are here, you have most likely heard or read about the Reptilian Agenda.  Here's a priceless meme created by David Icke's people. Brilliant, just brilliant, mate.

Reptilian aliens are everywhere. They shapeshift, read our minds, teleport us into their UFOs to poke us with needles, and then they tamper with our memories so we can't remember anything afterwards.

Invasive treatments, human experiments. The CIA ain't the only one doing it.

The result is a bunch of people with mental illnesses and different forms of unexplainable PTSD. The government then stamps the people with a DSM-IV diagnosis, destroys their reputation and credibility, and that's why you see so many peeps roaming round the streets with a shopping cart and digging up trash. 

The ETs messed with their minds, and the world governments helped cover it up.

We ain't gonna name names, but if you want names and specific dates, you might want to read Cathy O'Brien's ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security: Documented Journey From CIA Mind Control Slave To U.S. Government Whistleblower.

You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited, and while you're at it, you may also want to read The Temple Reptilian for free at the same time. If you've never been a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited before, you can get a FREE TRIAL. How cool is that, right?

Troll Alert: Run for Your Lives, says Hillary, there will be Troll Attacks! Uh oh! Hillary Wants the Trolls to STFU. What now?? 

Translation: Only politicians and bankers are allowed to manipulate the people's perception of reality, is that clear? Don't you trolls dare to create new realities on this planet. 

This planet belongs to the Illuminati. Jared Kushner sold you guys to the commies for a reason. You were created to be slaves and so you shall remain. 

Between the Dems and the Reps, they've made it so obvious how they try to twist and manipulate "reality", that now the mind slaves are awakening. James Comey, when is your tell-all book coming out?

With the advent of the Donald Trump era, though, we can make all sorts of claims without worrying much about scientific evidence. After all, everything is fake news, right, Mr. Prez?

How did you like that doctored clip of Pope Francis swatting your hand away? Pretty convincing IMHO. 

And now, getting back to conspiracy guru David Icke, he has maintained for years that the reptilians are infiltrated into politics, the economy, wars, you name it. Heck, even the Queen of England is rumored to be a reptilian shapeshifter. My apologies, Your Highness.

Reptilian aliens are a bona fide meme on the Internetz. If you have never heard about the reptilians, you’ve literally been living under a rock, my men. 

All you have to do is search up reptilian aliens and you will get an entire system of knowledge available to you via Google. 

Or perhaps you might want to ask Siri about the Reptilian Aliens to see what she says.

In the next few weeks, we will be revealing the ancient knowledge and mythology that inspired the movie The Temple: A Reptilian Alien Movie Trilogy

We are available to answer any questions at


Greetings from the Fourth Dimension, fans and haters alike, abandon all hope ye who enter here. 

Just kidding ...

Well, kind of, because your mind is about to be expanded, and your third eye will be able to see into the Fourth Dimension after you enter the Universe of The Temple Reptilian

The journey might get rough at times, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I promise lots of twists and turns that will make your jaw drop or perhaps a few lines that will make you burst into a convulsive laughter.

I did go to film school and got me a Master's Degree in Screenwriting, just in case you were wondering what my qualifications are. I have also taught multiple subjects to grades K-12 for over ten years.

I come from a land far, far away, a tropical paradise known as Costa Rica. So, as you may imagine, as a foreigner from the Third World, I cause all sorts of unintended hilarity everywhere I go.

That's what's made me so darn snarky. I love to roast famous people. Can I be blamed? I apply what I've learned in life. 

I usually make people laugh naturally with my quirky personality, just ask ONTD or perhaps even The Russet Doom Saga

World-wide famous author Lee Goldberg hates my guts. Either he is too ignant to fix his own blog entries or maybe he just couldn’t take the heat and opted for getting out of the kitchen. 

UPDATE: Lee Goldberg has fixed his blog, everybody, go check it out! How ingenious of him.

Those were ROTFL times. I miss all the link juice my haters used to give me, but hey, history repeats itself, so I ain't trippin'.

Caution: Don’t read anything written by me with food or liquid in your mouth, cuz it just might projectile-explode through your nostrils. Does anyone remember Buzznet anymore?? Thought I should give you a fair warning there. 

The stuff I write is like, way out there, I mean way, way out there, but you’re not going to be able to look away. I promise you that. 

TBH, I can’t wait to have Peter David write a red-robin parody about my new book. What do you say, Mr. Potato Moon? Come at me, bro.

It's been a pleasure telling my readers more about myself and my story. It's truly a privilege for me, considering my humble beginnings. I don't ever let it go to my head, because I have been through hell and back to still take myself seriously. 

I'm like Napoleon Dynamite, I'm out to prove that I've got nothing to prove. Well, sort of, because I've read and seen so much about the reptilians, that I've started to believe it! Tin foil hats, anyone?

Let’s meet up again often because, you know how they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step … or something like that.

So let’s take it day by day, get to know each other, and get ready because your third eye will open to things unimaginable. That’s if you’re not already a supersensitive, a lightworker, a guru, or … I’m sure you know what I mean.

I’ll have more updates this week, such as discussing the sequel to The Temple. Spoilers are about to burst out of me, but I shall only reveal a few.

In the next few days, there are some interesting characters I’m going to be discussing, plus I’m also going to be featuring my Wishful Casting Gallery. That means I get to cast my movie with all my dream actors, and wait for the law of attraction to do the rest.

Just watch, I’m gonna get some big names for my movie, you get your popcorn and brace yourself because this is going to be one hell of a Saga. 

After all, I did predict back in 2012 that Nina Dobrev would quit Vampire Diaries on account of Ian Somerhalder. Hey, it came true. Not my fault, even though Ian thought it was "hilarious" at the time.

I kind of have a sixth sense when it comes to matters dealing with the space/time continuum. No shame in going back to my geeky roots.

This is how I know that my movie is already a reality in the archetypal realm. That's where movies come from, folks. It's literally all in your head until you give birth to it. We all have the same creative power.

God creates through us. We are created in His image. We can have our own UFOs and fly free across the multiverses, looping through time, using telepathy and telekinesis. You name it. We can do it. I mean us humans. We don't have to put up with no UFO Armageddon. WE CAN SURVIVE! 

Now, all I have to do is transmit the info I'm receiving from the ETs in the Fourth Dimension. I will not withhold the knowledge I have attained on how to produce a movie.

I will take you step by step on how I produce my movie from concept to fruition on my YouTube Channel, so you can do it, too, if you care enough to do it. I will give away industry secrets that I learned in film school, so brace yourselves.

Winter is coming. 

Hopefully, Netflix will eventually induct my movie into their Netflix original arsenal. It wouldn’t hurt, right?  

Anything to bury the eye-gouging horror that is, should I even mention the name? 13 Reasons Why. No offense to Selena, but come on, girl. Seriously, suicide? Triggering vulnerable teens? I dunno about that. 

Peace out,

We are currently working our little behinds off to bring you the ultimate web experience. Please bear with us and thank you for your patience. Hit us up if you need anything. Life is way too beautiful to even contemplate suicide. Me and my magical elves are here for you.




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