The Temple Reptilian: A Hero's Myth of Origins

The Temple Reptilian: Mythology Behind the Story

The Mythic Tales of the Superhero: The Temple Reptilian

Are Superheroes Born or Made? Rhetorical question or not, the nature vs. nurture dynamic of a superhero's tale of origins is always at the heart of myth. Even though most readers are familiar with the nature vs. nature enigma, please bear with me as I briefly review it. Experiments with biological twins have shown that two twin siblings separated at birth can grow up to develop the same habits, behaviors and even the slightest gestures as one another, sometimes without having ever met. How can we explain this enigma without limiting its vast implications? Is there such a thing as a collective consciousness that precedes and "engineers" life before birth? Is premeditation an insult to our intelligence, or is fate inevitable?

The Dragon Mother - Mythical Archetype - Game of Thrones
"For too long now, there were secrets in my mind. For too long now, there were things I should have said. In the darkness, I was stumbling for the door to find a reason, to find the time, the place, the hour."
 Bruce Dickinson, Lead Singer of Iron Maiden in the song "Tears of the Dragon" 
Stars are "born," not "made," or so the saying goes, but are they really?  Can we allow for the possibility of a preexisting consciousness or collective mind that designs our destiny? Are there multiple, co-existing, potential futures ahead of us, or was the choice already made for us before we were born? 

Did we make that choice ourselves, or was our creation deliberately arranged by a Divine Creator? Are we a product of the creative imagination alone, or are we predestined to fulfill a role assigned to us? Or perhaps both? 

Let's not reduce it to either or, at least for the sake of argument. 

Is there such a thing as genetic memories? Can memories persist in spite of invasive treatments such as alien abductions, mind control experiments, and, really, any event in which an individual's memories are completely wiped out, scrambled, encrypted or altogether replaced?

How on Earth can someone make a connection between the Dragon Mother and global alien abduction stories, you might ask? 

Let's start with something simple like metaphors. Metaphors are figures of speech, or symbols of communication. A picture is worth "a thousand words." According to the Watchers, something underground, or perhaps someone deep within the matrix of our planet is calling for massive child abductions for illegal human experiments.

Children go missing all the time. Sometimes they return. Sometimes they never do. The important thing is who will rescue them when they are taken. Can children fight back and rescue themselves, or are they bound to repeat the same cycle of most children who get taken?

Today, I am introducing you to a child who does survive, and not only does she survive. She becomes a superhero as a result of her struggles. She lives to tell her story, because her story must be told. She needs to speak her truth. Her story will be told and it will most definitely be heard loud and clear across this Universe. Her story will bounce around the multiverses, recycling itself over and over, always adhering itself to the same monomyth, a single story told a thousand different ways, no matter where you go. It is a template for Divine Creation, the creation of a hero who lives to tell his/her story and succeeds against all odds.

The Link Between the Drive to Procreate and the Manipulation of Divine Female Energy

Who is the Divine Mother, and is she symbolized by the archetypal Dragon Mother in more ways than one? How can she be at once a creative force as well as the personification of an apocalyptic event? Is this Maternal Force something a scientist can manipulate and even program in order to "play God" or is it a universal resource freely available for us to shape and give form to? How does the Divine Feminine integrate with the male drive to procreate? Aren't we all an interactive combination of both male and female energies. Can a man give physical birth? 

Alien Abductions and the Link to the Dragon Mother

Where the heck are we going with such an onslaught of, as of yet, relatively unanswered questions about the "making" of a star child? Are star children and child stars the same? What is a star child? 

As you might expect, the purpose of all the questions above is to bring forth knowledge you already possess within you. It's ancestral knowledge composed of genetic memories passed down to us by our ancestors. All of us are born with DNA encryptions that are far too advanced to decode at our current stage of evolution. This information can only be summoned by your conscious mind, which is your magician, your creativity, your power of procreation. Most "rational" individuals would probably laugh at the possibility of magical science.

Are Magic and Science One and the Same?

See what I mean? I didn't need to give you any answers at all, now did I? I also didn't have to use any "enhanced interrogation techniques", right? I didn't have to inject you with any invasive substances, and I especially didn't have to go through all the trouble of physically abducting you in order to control your mind.

All the answers were already within you, and I used my magician (conscious mind) to summon them up from the depths of your subconscious mind. Laugh all you want, but I already gave you all the information you needed in order to study me, scrutinize me, or try to control and manipulate me. I also communicated ancient wisdom to you from the Fourth Dimension. Now all you need to do is go back and re-read this article and you'll see that I'm right although it might take you thousands of years to figure it out. Eventually you will. 

Allow me to introduce you to Kundalini, the Dragon Mother of Ancient Myths, the Devourer of Secrets and Bringer of Death. It is your creative imagination symbolized by allegories and metaphors. It's a language only you can understand, because, honestly, I hadn't the slightest clue of what I've been doing until now.

I will leave you with that for today. Let's see how long it takes you to figure out the answer. I will look for your answer in the news, in overheard conversations, in songs I hear on the radio, books I read or movies I see. Your Divine Voice is everywhere. I just have to be still and know that the truth is really out there, like Mulder and Scully have been saying it all along. It is out there in the wind, in the voice of your child, of your loved ones, even those you perceive as "enemies."

There are no enemies. There is only you and your creative imagination. Remember, it's all in your head until you give birth to it.

Now go find it and use it to your own benefit. This has been a free gift from the Dragon Mother of the ancients. It's yours to use and give shape to in whatever form you choose. All I ask in return is that you become A CONSCIOUS CO-CREATOR with God. Don't let others steal your creative energy to make choices for you. Create your own reality and live in it.

Either you create or you destroy. There's no middle ground. Choose your destiny and go populate the Earth. That's your Divine Purpose, right?

Or is it?

Ta ta.

Peace Out,
Your fellow voyager, Glorianna Arias A.K.A. LadySybilla.