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The Temple Reptilian: A Hero's Myth of Origins

The Temple Reptilian: Mythology Behind the Story
The Mythic Tales of the Superhero: The Temple Reptilian Are Superheroes Born or Made? Rhetorical question or not, the nature vs. nurture dynamic of a superhero's tale of origins is always at the heart of myth. Even though most readers are familiar with the nature vs. nature enigma, please bear with me as I briefly review it. Experiments with biological twins have shown that two twin siblings separated at birth can grow up to develop the same habits, behaviors and even the slightest gestures as one another, sometimes without having ever met. How can we explain this enigma without limiting its vast implications? Is there such a thing as a collective consciousness that precedes and "engineers" life before birth? Is premeditation an insult to our intelligence, or is fate inevitable?

"For too long now, there were secrets in my mind. For too long now, there were things I should have said. In the darkness, I was stumbling for …

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